AC-CDI XT family


  • ONE hardware for XT125/TW125/SR125/XT200/XT225/XT250/XT350/XT400.
  • (another similar unit will be available for XT550/XT600/SR600/TT600).
  • Easily select your model through WiFi connection.
  • Use a simple web browser on any smartphone or laptop.
  • No internet access required.
  • 6 timing curves already programmed in the unit.
  • 80MHz MicroController control unit.
  • Rev from 10 to 10,000 RPM.
  • Easy start without kickback.
  • Hard rev limiter.
  • 1 input for the inductive pickup (VR).
  • VR conditioner to extract pickup signal in noisy environment.
  • 1 output for the ignition coil.
  • Non volatile configuration.
  • Kill switch input.
  • Runs with 6volts, 12volts or even no battery *
  • *A temporary DC power supply of 6 to 18 volts is mandatory for the initial setup configuration!
  • Current drain: 30mA – 100mA.
  • Protected against reverse supply voltage.
  • Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 25mm (3.9 x 2.4 x 1inch)
  • Plastic box potted for Electrical insulation, Protecting components from mechanical shock and vibration, thermal shock or Moisture.
  • Source code not available.
  • Made in France.


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Pickup Polarity

Pickup Polarity MUST be Positive then Negative.

Check the polarity of the pickup (Negative going then Positive/(I call it NP) or the opposite PN: Positive going then Negative) with a Needle galvanometer (in milliAmp position) while kicking.

If the polarity is Negative then Positive(NP) then swap the wires to change the pickup polarity !

How to Wire

12 pins Connector
For Full-Rectification and Isolated ground. (More power)

HowTo setup

The 12pins connector has a marker trace on pin4 which is Ground.
1) Connect a Black wire from ground/pin4 to black plug of a 12v battery.
2) Wire a bridge between ground/pin4 and Select/pin12.
3) Connect a Red wire to +12v/pin5 only.
Don’t mix them up !
4) Connect the Red wire to the red plug of the battery.
5) Led blinks 3times while a WiFi Access Point named “Transmic_ign” show up on you laptop/smartphone.
6) Remove the bridge when the setup is done.

Diagnose with LED.

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– If the box starts in RUN Mode, the Led turns ON until a pickup is detected.
As soon as a pickup signal is detected, led blinks in rhythm.

– If the box starts in SETUP Mode : Led blinks 3 times before flashing once every 5 seconds.
When data arrives via WIFI, led briefly flashes.


  • Version v11r0c0:
    • POC.

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  1. Hello Thierry, nice work, very useful all products You develop and produce. I live in Colombia and it is dificult for me to test different CDIs and all their configurations. There are always misunderstandings with my clients that sometimes damage different CDIs because dont understand their functioning and easily can damage them in an eyeblind The point is that I”d like to buy your product CDI/TCI Tester v6.2 that is listed in your shop as out of stock. Could you please let me know when will be available again if It will, thank you.

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