Pickup Generator

There are some ways to simulate a pickup to test a CDI or TCI.
– This CDI/TCI analyzer
– This old CDI/TCI Simulator
– A crafted NE555 generator
– or this cheap solution: Use your PC !

You’ll need:

  • A PC with external speakers, one speaker having a headphone output:
  • A stereo jack plug soldered to a few centimeters of wire
  • This great online tone generator software at https://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/

  • Adjust the frequency to the RPM you want: ie 50Hz x 60 = 3000RPM
    Adjust the voltage with the volume potentiometer.

    Here are 4 snapshots of the different wave form signals at 50Hz with volume settings at max:

    • Sinus wave

    • Square wave

    • Triangle wave

    • Saw Tooth wave


    While generating pickup signal with your PC, you can also use the PC as an oscilloscope with this small sound-card interface and Audacity software.
    Below a example of pickup signal on Right channel and Spark on Left channel:

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