Capacitive Discharge Ignition.

AC-CDI v14

No more OEM? No Problem!Custom Ignition Solutions for Your Classic Bike! My cutting-edge technology simplifies and speeds up your motorcycle tuning experience! Just connect your phone to your beloved motorcycle, and you’re good to roll! Imagine the ease of repair work with a programmable ignition that seamlessly adapts to a variety of bikes. This is

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This tool is invaluable for ignition diagnosis. Box available here This small Peak Voltage Adapter save countless hours of frustration when diagnosing no start motorcycles or outboard. This adapter made it possible to diagnose alternator/stator or pickup problem. You can tell a customer if it’s a pickup coil, stator, CDI or coil that is defective

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AC-CDI v2.8

ACCDI v2.8 up to 350cc ACCDI v2.8+ for above 350cc Repair your vintage motorcycle with this ignition! Affordable and easy to install, it fits a wide range of models, boosting reliability. Easier Every function has its own DIP Switch. No jumper to cut or to solder. Universal More DIP Switches to adapt to different engines.2

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AC-CDI v12

Ignition system – Programmable AC-CDI This technology will make your motorcycle tuning much simpler and faster. Just connect your phone to your motorcycle and you’re ready to go! A programmable ignition is extremely valuable in repair work as it fits a wide range of bikes. It’s especially useful if the original part has been discontinued

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