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Missing Tooth Detector

This processor process a trigger wheel signal and outputs a sync pulse when a missing tooth (teeth) is detected. INPUTS. The DIGITAL signal comes to pin11. At the end of the missing tooth/teeth, 4 pulses are generated: – a positive and short pulse (10us) – a complementary negative and short pulse (10us) – a positive […]

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Shift Light

This unique device was created to assist a deaf motocross rider girl in feeling the engine, along with vibrations and throttle response. It turns on a green led if the engine revs are less than 3000rpm or a blue led if the revs are greater than 7000rpm. By moving two resistors through eight holes, those

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Digital RPM Meter with fancy features. RPM are displayed every 0.2 to 1 second (selectable) and also available on a USB connector. Connect the Tachometer to any Windows, Linux, Mac computer throughout a USB connection and terminal console to collect real-time RPM measures for further analysis on the long run. or choose to displayed RPM

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