This tool is invaluable for ignition diagnosis.

Box available here

This small Peak Voltage Adapter save countless hours of frustration when diagnosing no start motorcycles or outboard.

This adapter made it possible to diagnose alternator/stator or pickup problem.
You can tell a customer if it’s a pickup coil, stator, CDI or coil that is defective and order parts.
It’s a lot cheaper than replacing parts until you stumble on the correct part.

Sometime it’s hard to diagnose when all components checked ok with the ohms test but this tester helps show an issue with the stator or the pickup when connected and cranking.

Voltage from pickup or stator is only a few millisecond, so it’s way too fast to be displayed by a digital multimeter without this device.

Multimeter MUST be in Vdc position with a DVA. (In Vac without)


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