DC fed CDI


CHARACTERISTICS. DC-CDI Easier start when cold For SINGLE cylinder (and SOME TWO cylinders). Advance curve is in EEPROM and is freely modifiable Rev until 20,000 RPM/330Hz Pickup position can be freely set from 0 to 360° Accurate (0.15°/8000RPM). Need a 6 or 12 volts battery Current drain: 2mA to 1.5A Power: 40mj No need of …

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DC-CDI v2.1

This DC-CDI is EOL (End Of Live = no more parts, support, update) Consider to build DC-CDI v7 instead   Adaptation done by: Characteristics Same software as AC-CDI v7 For single cyl. 1 advance curve. No alternator.   DOWNLOAD PIC 16F628A v2.1 DC-CDI Schematic PCB Board layout Partlist Eagle files   How does it works? …

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