Ignition Timing Meter

v1r1c0 with WiFi !

This Ignition Timing Meter is extremely valuable in repair work, engine tuning and CDI/TCI testing.

It offers an affordable, portable tool used in the field that doesn’t not require a rig or timing lamp to measure the spark angle.

ITM detect the form of the existing crankshaft position pickup and display the type of pickup (Positive first or Negative first) Compatible with one pulse per rev analog pickup coil (VR) and Hall effect sensor.
It calculates and display the RPM.

At the same time, using a Capacitive Probe or a wire winded up around the spark-plug wire, it detects the High Voltage going to the spark.

Knowing the pickup time, the spark time and the RPM, the micro-controller then calculates and display the ignition advance timing on an OLED screen.
ITM shows you a highly accurate measure of +/-0.1 degrees

Detect RPM limiter (No Spark detected = no Advance displayed)

All data are displayed every 1 to 5 seconds (selectable) and available on a USB connector.
Connect the Ignition Timing Meter to any Windows, Linux, Mac computer throughout an USB connection and terminal console to collect real-time ignition timing measures for further analysis or as a reference for this ignition.

CDI/TCI analyzer is designed to test cdi or tci on a bench.
It simulates voltage for pickup and for charging coil (in case of accdi) detect the spark then display the timing.

Ignition Timing Meter for CDI/TCI is designed measure timing directly on a running bike.
It detect the original pickup and detect the spark then display the timing.


  • For 2 or 4 strokes.
  • For single cylinder.
  • For multiple cylinders if spark detection is captured on cylinder 1.
  • Compatible with pickups that put out 1 pulse per revolution (2stk) or per 2 revolutions(4stk).
  • Compatible with VR or Hall Effect sensors.
  • Does not work with missing tooth wheel.
  • Input voltage range +/- 3v to +/-35 V.
  • Signal conditioning.
  • Communication Micro USB Type B Port, at 115.200 Baud 8N1
  • CSV format (RPM, Advance)
  • Compatible Windows, Linux, Mac
  • 0.96 Oled 4 lines display.
  • 1 Sensor status LED.
  • 2 Pushbutton switches.
  • User choices are memorized.
  • Power Supply 9 to 16 Vdc 0.1 W
  • Internal regulated power supply.
  • Dimensions: 72 x 55 x 20 mm/ 2.8 x 2.2 x 0.8 in.
  • 3 months warranty
  • Weight: 50g / 0.1 lbs

Wifi Display on a Android Phone:


Click here for more info


Positive first vs Negative first

Sweeping the whole RPM range:


Use an INDUCTIVE probe or just 3 to 6 turns around the sparkplug wire.
Below the comparison between Capacitive probe HT25 and Inductive probe (wiring). HT25 does NOT work.



Setup instructions.


Click here for more info


10Hz Frequency equal 600rpm on a 2strokes or 4strokes WITH wasted spark,
or equal 1200rpm on a 4 strokes WITHOUT wasted spark.

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  1. Hello. I would like a CDI and Tacho meter fornmy 1987 Suzuki DR 600
    Would like to have revimiter function on CDi.
    Can you help?

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