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Design to simulate pickup at different RPM to test TCI, ACCDI, DCCDI, Tachometers, Power valves and ignition coils and to extract the advance curve from a Digital TCI or CDI.
This tester intend to be used to check CDI or TCI on a bench. It simulates a pickup and can also more or less simulate an exciter that load the CDI under test.

CDI/TCI analyzer is designed to test cdi or tci on a bench.
It simulates voltage for pickup and for charging coil (in case of accdi) detect the spark and then display the timing.




The simulated pickup signal is 40Vpp (+20v to -20v) or can be reduced to 15Vpp (+7v -7v) with jumper N°2.
(Output current : +700mA and -300mA)
If the CDI/TCI pickup input is highly capacitive, (example at 24.000rpm) use jumper N°1 (L for Load) to connect a pull down resistor on the circuit to sharpen the signal. (Same signal at 24.000rpm with Load)


sw 6: ON = First pulse is Positive
sw 5: ON = Second pulse is Negative
sw 4: ON = First pulse is Negative
sw 3: ON = Second pulse is Positive

To put it differently:

Jumpers ON:
4 + 3: NP
6 + 5: PN
6 : P
4 : N


The most advanced feature!

  • With the help of a Capacitive Probe or a wire winded up around the sparkplug wire, this tester can measure the time that goes by between the makeup pickup and the spark then display the advance timing of the TCI/CDI under test.
    To test an ACCDI you will need an external High Voltage power supply.
  • During extraction, Advance timing is send on live to a PC in CSV format via Serial USB at 115200-N-8-1
  • Detect RPM limiter (No Spark detected = no Advance displayed)
  • Can test Digital CDI/TCI (Electronic ignitions with processor inside.)
  • CANNOT test analog CDI like GY6 or my ACCDI v2.6, v2.7 (Because there is no processor inside, just a bunch of resistors and capacitors so the advance timing comes mainly from the voltage of the VR that shift a bit when RPM increase.)
  • Better accuracy is reached when WIDth is set to “0“.


ACCDIs need a charging coil that provide 100 to 300Volts. We use an HV source

  • Range 1000 to 14,000RPM
  • Output voltage manually adjustable from 110 to 280Vdc
  • Output Power: 15W
  • Input: 12Vdc/4A

You can simply use the main power toward a isolation transformer (Wiring) but keep in mind the main frequency will highly limit the RPM ! (50Hz = 3000rpm max, 60Hz = 3600rpm max)


Bill Of Material


Click here for more info


    • How a pickup works?


    • Version v6r2c0:
      • [hard] Scope removed
      • [hard] Potentiometer replaced by Push buttons
      • [Soft] Current consumption reduced.

9 thoughts on “CDI/TCI TESTER v6.2”

  1. Quisiera adquirir este producto con la fuente de alimentación AC.
    Me encuentro en Colombia.
    Agradezco su pronta respuesta.

    1. What is the question then?
      Can you please use English so anyone can understand. 🙂

    1. I have sold all the Tester products and I don’t have any in stock.

      I don’t know yet if I will make a new one, if so, I will improve the pickup generation part.
      Come on the web site every 3 months to see if a new one is published…

  2. I look forward to this product been available soon!

    I would love to see a bench tester for an motorcycle regulator/rectifier that would simulate a flywheel.

    If interested email me.

    Kind regards

    1. Thanks, I’m afraid it’s quite impossible to build this kind of tester !
      – They exist in single phase, tri-phase
      – The number of charging coil (then the number of pulse per rotation) varies a lot between bikes
      – Voltage and frequency change with RPM
      – 2 types of regulators (SCR or Mostet)
      and finally the bench should handle the short done by the regulator when it reaches the voltage !
      Way too much things !

  3. Sir, can you share code and schematic from this product, so that i can make clone your project.
    What i can buy code and schematic ?

      1. Do you think I got PCB and components for free ???
        And spent months on hardware development and firmware for nuts?
        BTW try that too:

        “Hello Microsoft,
        I don’t wanna buy your products.
        Send me the source code and the schematic
        I’ll clone them.”

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