bad stator

If the stator has burnt or is faulty, it doesn’t provide High Voltage (around 150Vac) to power the ACCDI.

The best solution is to replace or rewind the stator but if it’s not possible, too costly or out of stock, here are some workaround:

Bike has a 12v battery. Bike has no battery.
– Replace ACCDI by DCCDI
DCCDI uses +12v battery.
– Use a 220/9 volts 10VA transformer to step up by 24 times the 12Vac from the light coil to power the ACCDI.
Due to its core, a main transformer works best at 50Hz which is
equivalent to 3000rpm if the light coil gives one sinus wave per rotation.
– Replace ACCDI by TCI
TCI uses +12v battery.
You must replace the ignition coil too!
– Insert a DC DC step up converter
to create 150Vdc out of 12Vdc to power the ACCDI.
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