Transistor Controlled Ignition

TCI v11

TCI v11 is End Of Live and has been replaced by TCI v12 Features Wireless Programmable TCI. Suitable for ONE or TWO* cylinders For [2 strokes engines] and for [4 strokes engines with wasted spark*] * On 4stk engines with a pickup on the crankshaft, one spark occurs during the compression stroke and another during …

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bad stator

If the stator has burnt or is faulty, it doesn’t provide High Voltage (around 150Vac) to power the ACCDI. The best solution is to replace or rewind the stator but if it’s not possible, too costly or out of stock, here are some workaround: Bike has a 12v battery. Bike has no battery. – Replace …

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TCI v10

This TCI v10 is EOL (End Of Live) and has been replaced by a new TCI v11 A programmable ignition is extremely valuable in repair work as it fit a wide array of bikes. It’s especially helpful if original part has been discontinued or is overpriced. And of course it is required if you want …

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