BOX for AC-CDI v2.8


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Fit DVA and ACCDI v2.7, v2.8, v2.8+ ONLY.
(does not fit ACCDI v7.9, DCCDI v7.9)

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80*50*19mm Plastic enclosure

Material: High impact ABS plastic
Certificate: Compliant with ROHS and CE
Protection level: IP54
Good mechanical property.
Protect your CDI even under hard environment.

IP54 rating means protected against solid objects and dust but is not fully dust tight (5 out of 6).
and protected against water splashing from any angle but not waterproof (4 out of 6)
To make it waterproof, once you are done for ever with settings, pour the box with PU resin or silicon sealant.
Fill up wiring hole with hot glue.

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