Kit DC-CDI v7

Kit DC-CDI v7


Content of the KIT:
– 1 x double side PCB drilled, etched, silk screen and legend printing (Hardware Version: DCCDIv7r7c9)
– All SMD parts already soldered on PCB.
– 1 x Microprocessor 16F1827 already programmed with full DCCDIv7r9c2 firmware.

You will have to sold Through Hole parts:
– 1 x 18pins socket for PIC (U2)
– 1 x 1.5uf 400v capacitor (C1)
– 1 x 10ohms 2watts resistor (R15)
– 1 x DC converter (U3)
– 1 x 1.5A Fuse (F1)

– No other parts neither firmware to buy.

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DC-CDI ignition Kit.

– Programmable DIY DC-CDI.

– You must be able to program a 16F1827 to set your own ignition timing. Checkout your programmer…

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